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    The revival of the employee benefit trust in Asia

    Posted by James Russell on 7 January 2019


    Speaking at the Independent Wealth Management Forum in Hong Kong on 30 October, director James Russell discussed the rising popularity of employee benefit trusts (EBTs) in Asia.

    In his presentation, James highlighted the link between this trend and the surge in IPOs in the region, noting key advantages of EBTs as well as some potential pitfalls for advisers and their clients. He explained the role of the trustee in EBT planning and management, and the opportunity that growing interest in EBTs presents for Hong Kong’s fiduciary sector.

    Now, event organiser Hubbis has published a write-up of James’ forum presentation, which is available to read online.

    Click to read the write-up on

    James Russell is a Director of First Names Group in Singapore. Having worked with the Group for over 16 years and across four jurisdictions, including Hong Kong, James has an exceptional understanding of the complexity of international fiduciary services and excels in meeting his clients’ individual needs.

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